Map of Gentle AnnieGentle Annie Point Walk
Begin at roads end.  Track climbs to plateau on top of Gentle Annie Point.  Carry on and try the maze, which takes you out to the point with lovely coastal views  and/ or carry on over the point to drop down onto an expansive deserted beach.  Approx.  15  minutes.   At lowish tide, the reef is exposed and  the tidal pools are interesting to explore.  From here you can walk either way;  south to explore the waterfall cove or north to go as far as you wish up the coastline.  Three  Mile Creek is reached within 20 minutes.   Further on is a Fur Seal Colony  at about 2 hours.

Lower Bush Walk 
Begin at the Cowshed or behind the Riverview Home.  Follow the signs to take you into the native bush of the slopes surrounding Gentle Annie.  Gives close experience of the rich and varied plant life with great overviews of the area and the Mokihinui Estuary.   A good place to take in the sunsets.  Continue to reach waterfall walk.

Waterfall Creek Walk
Begin as above for the lower bush walk or from road at culvert.  Walk east to bush line, cross stile, rickety bridge and creek to follow the track.   The track follows the creek bank amongst ferns, nikau palms and moss-lined banks.  Approx. 20 minutes to waterfall.  Although just 3 or 4 metres in height it is pretty in low flow and quite dramatic after a downpour.  A great place for a summer shower.

Gold Mining Relic Walk ... for the adventurous
The ridge above the Riverview Home was mined up until the 1930’s.  This was usually done by horizontal shafts to remove alluvial  gold.   Several shafts, watercourses and tools are visible but the main mine is still to be found.  Care should be taken if entering the shafts.  Begin at the double power pole on the river road about 1 km from the Riverview Home.  Strike up the ridge from here.  When you get into the Beech trees near the top, look for the mining activity on the slopes.  Ask about alternative return route. 

Walks Near Gentle Annie

Chasm Creek Walkway
A picturesque bend of the Mokihinui River reached by an easy, ten-minute walk, which follows the old railway line to Seddonville.  Begin at signposted  entrance  about 1 km up  the road towards  Seddonville from the Mokihinui River Bridge.  Follow track for about 10 minutes to reach the Chasm Hill Tunnel.  Colourful  moss  drapes  the  railroad cuttings  and at night the tunnel houses a spectacular display of glowworms.  The track continues on over the Chasm Creek Bridge and  then about a 10-minute walk to Seddonville.  You can return the same way or make a loop by returning via the road to the car park.

Charming Creek Walkway
A very popular walk, which was once the rail line by which timber and coal was hauled out of the Charming Creek Valley.   It features  several tunnels, great views of the Ngakawau Gorge and the spectacular Mangatini Falls.  Begin at Ngakawau or from the abandoned Charming Creek Coal Mine behind Seddonville.   Approx.  2  1/2 hours.  For a shorter walk  begin at the Ngakawau end and walk to the waterfall.  Approx. 1 hour.

Mokihinui Gorge
Once the bustling site of five gold mines  and  the main  route through to Karamea.   Grand views of the Mokihinui Gorge and lovely bush.  Begin by following the road straight through Seddonville to the first ford.  Four-wheel drives can carry on or one can bike or walk from here crossing two more fords.  The road finishes  at Welcome Bay,  a picturesque spot for a picnic.  The Walking track continues  inland  up the dramatic and scenic Mokihinui Valley.  Return by same route.

Mt Glascow
An alpine tramp with magnificent views of  the  unique limestone landscape of Kahurangi National Park,  the coast  and coal  plateau. The track  is  reached from the Charming Creek Road behind Seddonville.  The signposted turnoff being about  5km  from Seddonville. The hike is for the more adventurous.  Approx. 8 hours return. 

                          Walks to the South and North of Gentle Annie   

Stockton Hill 
A scenic drive up Stockton Hill to the historic  incline  walkway  Further up the hill is the Stockton Coal Mine,  the biggest hole in New Zealand.

A virtual ghost town and site of the Denniston Incline, an engineering marvel.  Amazing panorama from Mt. Rochford.

The Brittania Walkway
A gold mining and legal fossicking area.

Cape Foulwind Seal Colony
A track takes you from Tauranga Bay  or Cape  Foulwind  Lighthouse  up onto the point where, from a viewing platform ,  you can  watch    the seals.

Lake Hanlon
A placid lake formed during the 1929 Murchison Earthquake.  Begin on the Karamea Highway and about 8 kms south  of  Little  Wanganui  there will be a sign on your left.

Wangapeka Track
A half-day valley walk to the first hut.  Lovely and a good place to overnight.

Walk along the Heaphy Track to Scott's  Beach.   Be  sure  to  detour on to  the Nikau Grove walking track to experience  the world’s most southern growing palms.  The Oparara  Limestone Arches and the Fenian Basin are well-worth the 18km drive in.